My thoughts on broken wave

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My thoughts on broken wave

Postby Arentak » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:02 am

I thought I'd post some things about the guild here. I'm not an officer, and not trying to sell anyone on anything, just sharing my opinions.

When/Why did I join?
I joined pre-launch drawn to the PST raid timeframe.

Is the guild casual?
There are some casuals in the guild, but this is not a casual guild. Its a raiding guild, but the focus is on "raiding on a schedule".

What are the officers like? How do they make decisions?
The officers seem to be focused on advancing the guild as a whole, while avoiding catering to any one clicque. They will push everyone to level. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing so hard, my eyeballs are bleeding, and there's a message saying "hurry up and get to 50!". That's because I'm a casual player trying to live in a non-casual guild. Only in EQ does casual mean 5h a day. LOL.

Our officers are nice. They are people. They have lives too.

They seem to meet in a private chat channel and sort things out.

What is the culture like in Broken Wave?
I'd say its a very much RL>Game guild. I often care for 2 small babies while playing, and everyone has been supportive. Of course, being not supportive would be an asshole move, but raiding guilds tend to attract those types. I think for Broken Wave though, we dodged those folks. I really don't know a single person in this guild who hasn't been cool. We are pretty tolerant of people. Even when they make mistakes. Because we've all been there.

Who should join?
If you want to raid 10PM-2AM CST, 3 weeknights a week, and don't want to poopsock or compete with other guilds, this is a good place for you. Even if you are a "filthy casual" and are not yet raid level, you'll get there. And if this is the right timeslot for you, you should think about joining.

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