Hello broken wave!

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Hello broken wave!

Postby Radius » Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:01 am

Hey guys. My name is Radius. Only level 10 at the moment unfortunately. But thought I would stop by your forum and say hi! I saw your post on the Guild recruitment Everquest forum!

I've been playing EQ on and off ever since Kunark, way back in the day! I never had a chance to raid back in the day and feel like I missed out on a lot. So when I heard a new progression server had started, I reactivated my account right away. Only wish I would've known about it sooner.

One of my main concerns when coming back was finding a West coast guild to raid with, which lead me to you guys. Your raid times work great for me! Which is super exciting. I didn't want to start the long haul to 60 unless I was sure there was a PST guild to kick butt with! I did some raiding a year or so ago with a guild called Lost in Progression on Trakanon. I did a bunch of Velious content with them. It was a ton of fun, but they were a CST guild, and I had to stop playing cause I had a difficult time making the raid schedule, because I can't start raiding until 7pm PST or later (I was starting at 6pm PST with them)

At the moment I'm working through an online university course, which takes up a lot of my evenings, so I don't expect to be ready for raiding until early-mid September. But once I'm done my last exam, I can promise full focus on Everquest and raiding!

I was wondering if you guys accept casual leveling players? It'd be nice to start meeting the guild, maybe level with other guild's or alts. If you prefer I get few more levels under my belt, I totally understand and can check back with you guys at a later date!

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Re: Hello broken wave!

Postby Treach » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:28 pm


What class are you? What class did you raid with previously? We have been inviting a few lower, how long do you expect it will take you to hit 50-55?

I'm on vacation till Wednesday. Look me up in game and we'll talk.


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