Khassis 65 monk

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Khassis 65 monk

Postby Khassis » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:01 pm

Character Name: Khassis
Class: Monk
Current Level: 65

With a raid schedule of 8pm - midnight PST on M, T, Th, what should we expect your usual 30 day Raid Attendance % to be?:
can make raids at this time my work schedule would be me 1 1/2 time past raid start though with no problem finishing the rest of the raid I'm central time get off at 9:30 pst.
Using Discord during raids is mandatory. Will you be able to use Discord during raids?:
have already loaded used for other games

Using GINA during raids is mandatory. Will you be able to use GINA during raids?:
never used gina would need further info on what needs set up for this
What is your flag status (elementals/time specifically)?:
time fire KT atm
How many AA do you have? Summarize your AA choices:
100 dps utility for pulling
If you are not max level, what is your target date for hitting max level?:

What experience do you have playing this class?:
have a 94 monk on live that ive raided most raids beyond this but has been quite awhile just back playing few months ago was in MiM with friends before this
List any previous guilds you have been a member of on Phinigel with a brief explanation as to why you left them:
PUG, MiM, The Return of the Good Ole Boys
Provide a brief history of your raiding experience (if any) in EverQuest and feel free to mention any notable guilds you have been a member of:
was on povar on live side when EQ started been playing since the beginning on there was mainly a Paladin OT then started playing monk more often and raiding and pulling. Was in Blades of Law Firestormers among the larger better guilds and few smaller ones along the way
How did you hear about us?:
just searching more play time which works with my upcoming schedule in 2 weeks will be back on nights
Who else do you already know in Broken Wave and how do you know them?:
been talking to snomie earlier today bout the guild and ferguss also
Is there anything else you would like us to know or take into consideration when reviewing your application or recruitment performance?:
have a 59 druid as well if ever needed would be willing to lvl that up if helped the guild as needed

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