Want to apply to Broken Wave? Begin here!

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Want to apply to Broken Wave? Begin here!

Postby Erasmus » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:57 am

Welcome to Broken Wave!

Our goal is to be the premier PST guild on Phinigel and complete all content in-era.

Here is a short rundown of how we operate. Feel free to reach out to an officer if you have specific questions.

Begin by reading our General rules found here: General Rules

We expect applicants to be at least level 60 to apply and begin raiding with us immediately. If you are under level 60, please reach out to an officer to discuss special arrangements.

Everything above sound good? Great! Fill out our application template and post it in a new thread with your character's name, class, and level.

I think you can have a well-rounded, knowledgeable, disciplined raid force without taking the fun out of raiding or making it feel like a job.

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