Drahzar - 75 Shadowknight

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Drahzar - 75 Shadowknight

Postby Drahzar » Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:37 am

Character Name: Drahzar
Class: Shadowknight
Current Level: 75

With a raid schedule of 8pm - midnight PST on M, T, Th, what should we expect your usual 30 day Raid Attendance % to be?: I can raid Monday and Tuesday but Thursday I do work so will be random when I can make it.

Using Discord during raids is mandatory. Will you be able to use Discord during raids?: Yes

Using GINA during raids is mandatory. Will you be able to use GINA during raids?: Yes

What is your flag status (latest expansions specifically)?: I am missing Task 8 for Solteris and I have recently gotten backflags for Ashengate and Frostcrypt.

How many AA do you have? Summarize your AA choices: Assigned = 1359 Spent = 1117. All Tank based aas, Fear Immunity, All alls to empower my lifetap procs and heals

If you are not max level, what is your target date for hitting max level?: N/A

What experience do you have playing this class?: I have played this class as my main on Phinny since Velious and raided with TMO with it.

List any previous guilds you have been a member of on Phinigel with a brief explanation as to why you left them: TMO (The Mystic Order)

Provide a brief history of your raiding experience (if any) in EverQuest and feel free to mention any notable guilds you have been a member of: Pop to Omens with TMO. Raided PoR in era.

How did you hear about us?: From other members of TMO that have joined the guild.

Who else do you already know in Broken Wave and how do you know them?: Kitta, Boze, Parashu, Croakkerr, Lopez, Quazilla

Is there anything else you would like us to know or take into consideration when reviewing your application or recruitment performance?: I am a manager of 2 bars. There are times I may have to leave raid un-planned to attend to those bars. I am also going through some medical treatment and that may, but hasnt so far, cause some difficulties with my raid.
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Re: Drahzar - 75 Shadowknight

Postby Quaz » Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:55 am

Professional Tacvi NASCAR driver.

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